About Us

Collaborative Attorneys and Mediators of Marin (CAMM) is a group of ten family law attorneys who have years of experience in mediation and collaborative law as well as litigation. We all prefer the mediation and collaborative approach. We all believe that mediation or collaboration can minimize the cost and conflict in a dissolution or separation proceeding.

The key elements of our group are:

  1. We have all worked together very well for many years.
  2. We all believe that the mediation and collaborative processes are better suited for resolving family law cases.
  3. We believe that most cases can be resolved in meetings with the parties and their collaborative attorneys or mediator.


In the collaborative process, our approach is that each party retains a collaborative attorney. Our collaborative group is different from most collaborative groups in that we are an attorneys-only group. We engage or refer parties to experienced child and/or financial specialists in cases where the parties could benefit by assistance from these professionals. In the event that either party wishes to consult with a child specialist or financial specialist, they are free to do.

The key elements of the collaborative practice are that the parties:

  1. Pledge in writing not to go to court.
  2. Engage in an honest exchange of information.
  3. Adopt an attitude of mutual cooperation and respect.


In the mediation process, the parties retain one of our attorneys to act as a mediator. In the event either or both parties wish to work with a consulting attorney during the mediation process, they can chose to retain one of the other attorneys in our group or can chose to work with an attorney outside our group.

Likewise, in the mediation process, the mediator will engage or refer parties to experienced child and/or financial specialists when assistance in those areas would be helpful the parties. Our group can recommend those professionals if requested.